Premiere: A2 – Mmmh – Magic Spliff [LMBG09]

French Lyon-based label Lumbago continues to impress with its hidden gems from the local scene. No worries if you don’t recall the name of Mmmh – it shouldn’t bother you at all (as it shouldn’t have with the case of the gorgeous The Signal Phantasm’s album, that you have probably missed in 2018 on this label). And, besides, its name is not entirely unknown – we can see a part of the ambitious Loop Exposure project (another part of which – Hdv – could be found on Rakya with his own single soon) behind it. So far, LMBG09 is promised to be the darkest side of Mmmh (but still light enough to be presented here, haha).

Anyway, it seems that this break from Loop Exposure allowed “professional overthinker” Mmmh to explore ideas that he could not develop with his former partner-in-crime. Like with the A2, that we premiere today. Won’t say too much about it – proper spacey sounds, old school 90s (80s?) Nintendo vibes – just with a shortage of baby scratches (the third element of this, as I could say, “mighty triad”, that dominates the scene right now).

Also, “Magic Spliff” has its own background, that Mmmh decided to share with us: “It’s the story of someone who finds an unknown magical herb in a souk, somewhere. Thrilled by his discovery, he hurries back to his room, places the herbs in a thin piece of paper and proceeds to roll what will be referred to as a magic spliff. After smoking that spliff, he is forced into an intense initiatory inner trip during which he decides to become a snake charmer. Only then does he realize that his schizophrenia has gotten the better of him.” – easily could be imagined as a plot for the late-80s/early-90s 16bit game, (OSTed by Mmmh, of course) isn’t it?

On LMBG09 we are also having the great opener at “New York” with its nighty dark and dreamy synth melody, perfectly paired with just-enough-hard kicks for being a great emotional A1. Touch of wobble and march of hats are making a great couple in another opening track – this time at b-side’s B1 “Tek Bake”. “Trance Waves” at the end of 12” isn’t playing any games with us, showing us – you won’t believe it! – trance waves. And don’t slip on “Drama Queen”, their Bandcamp exclusive – we can assure you, that you won’t be disappointed with it.

We’re expecting “Adventures Of Black Sheep” in July, so you can make your pre-orders at Lumbago’s Bandcamp or stores like Juno,, Redeye Records and more…

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