Fusion Estivale announce details of opening and closing festival nights

Fusion Estivale - event setup

This year marks the third edition of the French electronic music festival Fusion Estivale. We previously announced the lineup that will be heading up the Orléans event. Set to span over four days, the duration has doubled and of course, that has only made the offering more attractive.

A mixed array of artists will play their part in the program and as per, there’s a focus on celebrating the sound of the French. The extra days have brought with them more space to play with. This year the opening night takes the form of a concert, rather than diving straight into the rave. It will take place on Wednesday 25th May at 9 pm at Astrolabe, the main concert venue in the city.

PPJ take to the stage for this one. Paula, Povoa & Jerge bring their poppy electronica for what will no doubt be supported by the frills of production. Energetic, synthy sounds dominated by dreamy melodies, chorus and verse blend with dance-inducing, tapping rhythms. Expect an explosive opening that will continue into the night, with the Fusion Estivale Crew playing all the way up to 5 am.

From the next day, the business will move in front of the ever idyllic cathedral garden “Jardin de l’évêché”. The closing ceremony kicks off at 11 pm on Saturday 28th May. Another French dedication, featuring a live set from Jimmy Batt, whose sound centres around hard-hitting abstract techno brushed with hints of darkness. Lyon label Lumbago will join, alongside Von Riu.

In between, the international cohort will descend. Friday 27th May is the biggy, where you’ll find the likes of Wiclea (Miclea B2B Wendy), The Ghost, Sweely and Francesco Del Garda all taking their turn on the decks.

It’s turning out to be quite the schedule, proving testament to the Fusion Estivale crew. Despite the disappointment of having to miss one sitting during the pandemic, they appear to have doubled in strength.

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