Premiere: B1 – VOY – 14 B [VOY014]

iO (Mulen) is ready with the new edition of his, probably, most interesting label, if you’re interested in colorful dancefloor-destroying tools. Some of you might like Whiteloops/Blackloops/MOi/Mulen Records rosters even more, but for me it’s easy to say, that there are few things in the world, that are better than the tracks on VOY Records. Last year we were dancing to VOY013, now it’s time for the 14th chapter.

As usual, 2 tracks for the release, as usual for the recent ones, we’re more interested in the second side. This time iO (Mulen) decided to add some trance vibes to its house base, which makes “14 B” perfect for the ending of the set in the morning (or the beginning of a morning one). Also, if you’re trying to get your crowd more emotional during the night – that’s your pick too. Nostalgic, ravey vibes, crossed with his signature not-even-for-a-second-boring bassline. Probably, will be played with his signature smile, by the way. Almost acid melody before that trancey piece in the middle – that’s love. A track for cuddling in the morning.

On the A-side we have a track, that is hiding under the mysterious name of “14 A” (I wonder, what does that mean, haha). Easy to say that it doesn’t have THAT much cuteness inside, but it doesn’t need that, since it was designed to deal with full dancefloors in the middle of the night. Everything here starts after around the 2:20 point, very close to a perfect time for it to be played, btw. Catchy melody, great percussions – that’s a hit. A track for stomping in the middle of the night.

That’s it. What else can one want on the series like this? Great that, it seems, it only got better through the years. So, run to Juno, Deejay, Decks, or wherever you’re buying your wax. It seems, that the 15th instalment of VOY will hit us only in 2023.

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