Premiere: A1 – Mathew Jonson – Spaceport 23 [HB021]

Mathew Jonson debuts on London’s Half Baked label for their 21st vinyl release.

This collaboration between two of contemporary dance music’s visionaries is the fruits of a long-standing relationship. Both Mathew Jonson and Half Baked have been dedicated to their craft for years, pushing this strain of stripped-back club music that shapes their corner of the underground today.

Mathew Jonson’s productions date back to 2001 and have maintained a taste making level of momentum up to this day. Mastering the art of synthesis and analogue production, his work is prolific and effortless, pumping out recorded live jams from his studio and on the road.

His recent work was just released by Craig Richard’s The Nothing Special label, capturing the synergy of his jam-formula with a spellbinding 13-minute piece. Mathew’s music is no stranger to Half Baked, having played for the party many times over the years in various parts of the world.

We caught up with the Canadian artist back in 2018 before he was to play for Half Baked, discussing his journey through sound and his approach to making music.

‘Spaceport 23’ is a series of recorded jams that makes up the three track EP in HB021. Simply titled ‘Spaceport 23’, ‘Spaceport 23-Z’ and ‘Spaceport 23-X, each track offers a window into his world through a jazzy lens.

The opener stretches out across nine and a half minutes, meandering through a plucky analogue wonderful. A nimble, menacing bassline weaves its way through a web of slinky percussion and euphoric synth chords glistening overhead. Elements glide gracefully in and out of the mix, building tension with a hypnotic nature that floats by leaving you stunned to have been gripped for nearly ten minutes.

‘Spaceport 23-Z’ reveals a deeper dive into the same jam, strapping into his classical piano knowledge with slinky percussion flirting around clever piano work. ‘Spaceport 23-X’ offers a more stripped back cut, glowing with the same moreish, jazzy charm.

It’s the sign of a producer in total sync with his studio, allowing arrangements to flow naturally and capture a mood in the moment. Mathew Jonson has been mastering this approach to electronic music for decades now with a prolific catalogue of releases, as well as his touring live set which is constantly evolving on the road.

His work has stretched across a number of scenes on a global level, from working with Luciano on a release for Perlon, or releasing his third full length album for Crosstown Rebels back in 2013. His live set continues to showcase at Berlin’s Get Perlonized nights, as well as more large-scale festivals all over the world.

It’s fair to say that Mathew’s productions have been pivotal in shaping the tastes and appetites of many producers across generations. Carrying with him an inspiring zest for music, his presence across the circuit continues to blow minds two decades into his career.

The release is also a great reminder of the diversity on Half Baked’s imprint. The crew celebrated their 13th anniversary this month and their label has welcomed a plethora of artists from over the years.

Whether it’s a rare Margaret Dygas output, or setting the stage for their resident Robin Ordell, the Half Baked sound is an ever-present source of inspiration in this corner of club culture.

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