London’s Half Baked celebrate 13 years with a 24hr marathon

Half Baked are celebrating their 13th birthday in well-deserved, extended style.

The legendary London party and label have been at the forefront of the capital’s clubbing scene since 2009, shaping the tastes of thousands of ravers over the years. On top of providing countless lifelong memories for the people on the dance floor, the crew’s musical vision has been pivotal in shaping a number of now well-established artists.

Robin Ordell has long been a resident of Half Baked, learning the intricate art of warm-up and closing DJ sets, alongside the NorthSouth Records selector Sam Bangura and garage legend Greg Brockmann. Each of these artists have flourished from the platform provided by Half Baked, connecting with crews all over the world and sharing their passion for fruity house music and good times.

The record label has also been a consistent tastemaker for many years. Flirting between the realms of house, techno and minimal, the imprint has hosted a plethora of legendary artists in the likes of Margaret Dygas and Matthew Johnson, as well as providing a platform for Robin Ordell and his Pap Inc project, Romania’s SIT and Apollonia’s Shonky to name but a few.

It’s common knowledge in London that Half Baked is a reliable, up-for-it party. A place where you can go to have fun, get inspired and leave with a bucket full of memories. They’re regularly inviting the likes of Zip and Raresh to intimate spaces, making for extremely memorable affairs.

To celebrate the milestone of 13 years, the crew have planned a hefty family affair. Starting at their frequent home Studio 9294, Saturday 26th November will welcome 12 artists across two venues and 24 hours.

Slow Life’s Cecilio heads up the bill with his infectious and uplifting house jams. The prolific selector has been stunning dance floors across Europe for many years now, blending old and new shades of house and breaks glossed with a delightfully positive mood. The output of the Slow Life imprint has been hugely influential to a number of artists playing on the bill and around London, pushing the stream of effortless, bliss club music regularly heard in the capital.

A number of familiar faces return to Half Baked with John Dimas flying in, as well as London staple Voigtmann and the rising B.Love of Bizarre Trax and Felon5 who we interviewed earlier this year.

From A-Z, the artists providing the celebratory soundtrack are: B.Love, Georgia, Greg Brockmann, Jive Talk, John Dimas, Just Jam, Oliver.R, Remi Mazet (live), Robin Ordell, Sam Bangura, Voigtmann and a special guest yet to be announced.

Studio 9294 runs 10pm-6am, before Star Lane Pizza Bar kicks off the afters from 6am-10pm. You can be sure to experience a sea of smiles and happy faces, gorgeous, intriguing dance music and a prime sound system to boot.

Buy tickets for Half Baked’s 13th birthday here.

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