Half Baked serve up details of their Bank Holiday special as well as 2023 tour

Half Baked London line up

The summer season is upon us. As the weather gets warmer, usual suspects on the scene are announcing plans for the forthcoming stretch. For some, it’s already begun. One such party starter well versed in supplying hot spots of hedonism is none other than London power house Half Baked. Recently celebrating ten years in the game, this is a collective expertly tuned to the taste of their patrons. And such a milestone has only cemented their status, as they turn to their biggest tour since it all began.

A mammoth 27 shows have been announced over a tantalising visual of bubbling mushrooms. Spreading across the screen, enticing onlookers in a fiery inferno of purple and orange. The finer details that make up the program make for an excitable read. Half Baked are set to frequent around 14 cities across Europe and beyond, as well as hosting stages and events at a bunch of festivals in the region. And to top all that off, there are several day spanning tours across the USA and South America thrown in for good measure.

We can’t be sure exactly who will be joining the crew in their attempt to conquer the continents. We do know however that the line ups are gonna be killer and they are set to be hosted by some of the best dance spots around. Bouncing between Berlin’s Club de Visionare, London’s Studio 9294, Amsterdam’s Shelter, Barcelona’s Les Enfants, Bucharest’s Guesthouse, Lisbon’s Bloop…the list goes on.

And you can already find the full details of two special dates incoming. This weekend sees the Spring bank holiday session in London, where you’ll catch Fumiya Tanaka, Phil Evans and Sakro alongside mainstay Sam Bangura and Jenson & Robbo.

It seems Tanaka makes a regular fixture over the coming months, joining also the takeover at ZT Hotel Villa Olimpica for the annual Off Sonar soiree. Sonja Moonear tops the bill, with label staple Robin Ordell and Bangura.

Safe to say there’s plenty of fun to be had with the Half Baked crew this year and they are only just getting started. See you somewhere at the front.

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