Trommel 2023 picks: this year’s top 100 tracks

    Sibil's flower is resting on the record. Photo: Sasha Halushchak

    Another end of the year – another Trommel top-100 selection. It’s a great tradition already. As of every year, in 2023 we monitored most of the records released and selected a bunch with a methodology that takes into account both objective stats taken from our website, Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Together with subjective parameters from most of the wider Trommel team (7 people), without limits ourselves on what has been premiered or promoted at Trommel. This year it was, as usual – around 300 tracks on the long list, around 110 on the shortlist, and then – hard and painful choices about who’s going to be cut last (the worst part of this selection, to be honest, but we must deliver that number of 100).

    Who we can highlight – probably, Sweely, it seems, that this year he gave us the most submissions and got the most tracks in the final selection. Like Man/ipulate in 2022, DJOKO/Kolter in 2021 or Alec Falconer in 2020. Of course, it’s only our choice, but in case, some stat heads are reading us right now…

    So, the final selection is below. Stay safe and we’ll see you in the next year. At the parties or in our comments section. As usual.

    DISCLAIMER. Please note that this section is a collection of 100 tracks that the team at Trommel enjoyed most in the passing year. It should not be intended as a ranking or chart/classification in any form, and the list of tracks is made following track name in A-Z order. It also reflects the subjective taste of the team components from their personal but limited knowledge of what has been released during 2023. 

    You can also check our previous selections from 20182019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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