Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Chicos, Chicas [TCR002]

Sheesh! It seems, that we have the banger of the year alert. TCR – the label, that gave us a decent split between Mario Liberti and Tom Carruthers recently, decided to go mayhem this time. If the words in the description of the release “Pon, Ponte Bien, Pon Selo, Pon Pin Pon, Pon Amor, El Party Que No Pare” put a smile on your face already, you, probably, know, what to expect. If not – well, now it’s time for you to know a bit more about the band called Locomia (since the name of the artist behind TCR002 is hidden).

So, “Chicos, Chicas”. Zero tricks from the beginning – it’s an edit of Locomia’s “Party Time” smasher. If you’ve never heard it – here is the video. Come back after checking.

Came back? Still think, you can receive information after that? Good. So, after cutting those melodies from the original, the track became a bit more serious. The breakbeat on the background made it a little bit darker. But all the perfectly rhythmed voice samples don’t allow you to put it into the “boring” category”. I swear, if you won’t receive some screams at 2:36 after playing it in public, you, probably, need to quit DJing. The whole 6:25 minutes is a “party time” here. Maybe, a bit too broken in the structure, but still one of the best and really fun things, you’ll hear on the dancefloors this year (and, probably, last year too).

Let’s go grab some more classics. “Los Locos Y Las Mias” holds some inspiration from “R S M “Rumba Samba Mambo” track by Locomia. As with the previous one – it goes straight to the voices, replacing the festive melodies with some serious groove. Can’t be disappointed for a second, since that swap puts track into the category of belters. And we still have some melodies here, not only percussion, of course. It’s just hard to find them after the original discoteca.

And the last one, “Abanicos”. After the previous ones, it sounds a bit more chill. But, remember, it was “the bangers of the year” material. So, consider it, a solid track. The main inspiration here, it seems, was the “Locomia” track. By Locomia, of course. Much slower, kinda tribal. That’s how we’ll close the record here.

Really, this time, I won’t even send you to Juno, Deejay or some other decent shop. Probably, you’ll be too late with the purchase anyway. Still, you better try and grab it.

More information on TCR (Top Cat Records)
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