Premiere: A1 – Henriku & Alexander Skancke – I Wanna Party [QRK009]

After a very summery release by Trent Voyage & Elena Moroder, Alexander Skancke decided to return to his Quirk. With his friend Henriku this time. This duo already brought us one of the best EPs of 2022, this release should be as exciting, at least, so it looks.

So, the main theme here is “Happy Birthday”. This is the name of the EP and you could hear the theme being mentioned here and there. It is hidden in the opener “I Wanna Party” closer to the end of the track in one particular sample, I would say. Before that, we will have a parade of great percussions and just perfect voice samples. Altogether, this track is one of the best bangers, you’ll hear this year. No less. If you heard this one at some summer festival earlier, you, probably, know, how powerful it is. If no – well, you have your home speakers – turn it to the max.

The B-side on this EP starts with “Growing Up” – and you’ll be begging for that drop, I can tell you already. Another track, perfectly built for the dancefloors. The last one on the record is a bit HI-NRG influenced “Fast Lane (Don’t Stop)”. Jumpy, joyful, a bit silly piece, that will definitely be a bit underrated on the record. At first…

Just as in that aforementioned EP of 2022, we have one more skit, called “Happy Birthday” on the A2 position. But I won’t tell you the full story behind it. Will be better to check by yourself, right?

The record will be out soon on Deejay, for example. Or maybe you’ll want to go to Bikini Waxx Records, so you don’t have to wait, ah?

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