Premiere: A1 – UN:PHAZED – 2101 [UNPHAZED2101]

Of the all “mysterious” releases we have ever hosted on Trommel, this one could definitely be… let’s say, in top-2. Minimum information about the artist, tracks, or label – and, even if we had their names – can’t say it would tell you anything. Still, it isn’t really something we need, since even without that info in the introduction, you won’t be disappointed with the tracks.

Probably, the closest mood to this one, out of those we hosted, was in one release by Call Edan a few years before – edits with minimum information and some Mediterranean vibe inside. This one may just sound a bit rawer than the other one. Like the one, we’re having today. The A1 position perfectly cut on the preview and caught me immediately. What’s even better in the full track we’re showing you today, is the build-up. DJ-friendly start with a huge percussive loop that is slowly evolving into the main theme, leaving you with 2 minutes to mix it in. And the main theme – if you checked the preview, you know that summery dawn mood inside that is slowly turning into some mayhem closer to the second part of the track.

The other ones here are also designed to kill. A2, starting with some Mark Ronson-type of skit evolves into another hard house tool with all those breaky elements. B1 steps into some 80s territory with those samples, also being a little slower than those we had on the A-side. B2 is a straight roller. From the very first second, another DJ-friendly percussion, that is catching you into that whirlpool, just until the 3:45 mark. That is a little rest. To continue dancing later.

Really, one of the most anticipated “toolboxes” in a long time for me. Don’t sleep and check Deejay, KMA60, Clone, or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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