Premiere: A1 – Unknown – Fellas With An Attitude [FWA000]

While in the depths of a heads only session in a dark sweaty room there is no denying that in amongst the brand-new beats a gem of a vocal sample goes down a storm. It must of course be presented in the best possible way so we were pretty excited when a new set of Madonna edits crossed our desk from an Unknown artist on new label Fellas With An Attitude.

Our pick of the two edits is A1 and this bomb is breakbeat heaven from the beginning. Vocal scratches instantly ramp up the energy levels and this being dropped will blow up any floor flagging or otherwise. The upbeat breaks are joined by a lush pad that sets the scene for a 4/4 to enter. To keep things interesting a gnarly 303 bassline is added for good measure. These elements on their own are more than enough of a track to make the right amount fo noise but the addition of the expertly chopped ‘Vogue’ sample from Madonna really sets this track into secret weapon territory.

Flipping over the B side and there is slightly different bootleg and there is further mashing of styles where break beats are again the order of the day and an old rave track is looped and sampled to a more DJ friendly form. Madonna’s classic dance off anthem ‘Vogue’ is utilised to great effect. It is rumoured Frankfurt / Offenbach artists Bodin and Dennis as well as Rhythm Factory aka Arno and Robin Scholz are behind these works but that remains to be confirmed. Either way…Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it.
Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.

The Unknown ‘Fellas With An Attitude’ EP is now available to pre order via KMA60.

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