Premiere: B1 – Roma Khropko – Great Feelings [CV08]

We’ve recently had one premiere from Roma Khropko, but his pace isn’t leaving us any other choice than welcoming him here again. Now with landing at Club Vision Records. The tracks for CV08 were produced “for his girlfriend, she liked them so much that they were included in a mix for the Club Vision POOORCast Series. We loved the tracks so much that we asked for the ID and now, here we are, releasing them on our label”. That’s the story from the label.

What can I say – it seems that Roma loves his girl (Annyrock, a great DJ from Ukraine, btw) very much. Because the EP is a piece of cake and our premiere is not just a cherry but a watermelon on top. “Great Feelings”, just like the EP’s name. Love when the tracks are telling us what to expect by their namings. You’ve just seen the name here, so, you know. The perfectly built piece, not just DJ-friendly but DJ-bestfriendly. With a delicate percussive intro, a mix of mellow melody to drive and a massive bassline to entertain already from the start it just leads us to the main theme. If you heard it in a clip – you know, what I’m talking about, If not – well you better check by yourself here.

The B-side continues with “Intermediate Results Part I” – a slow, broken jam with a mood of some record slowed and played by Jane Fitz (have you heard her podcast for us, by the way?). The A-side, quite the contrary, starts with speed. “Torrent” goes straight to my “possible racing games OSTs” folder – that’s the mood here. Until the orchestral part starts – yes, there will be some unexpected turns here, be careful. Its A-side neighbour “Your Time” starts with a very hard kick here, but otherwise is a very mellow track that kinda leads us to the B1 position. And we’ve already told you about that.

Two things are left to say – produce more tracks for your loved ones, it seems, they’re turning into your best works. And one more – the record is ready for grabbing at Deejay, Juno, Decks or any other decent record store. Don’t miss it!

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