Premiere: P2 – Roma Khropko – 4 Walls [QUI001]

First things first – don’t be scared, we aren’t hosting some crazy 10×12” today, that’s just Quinoa Experience crew decided to go fancy with names of the side on their Quinoa Cuts. On their split between Pan-J from Tunisia and Roma Khropko from Ukraine, they went for “Vitamin” and “Protein” instead of just A and B sides. We’re heading towards that protein one…

…where one of the most productive and skilled artists from Ukraine has something to show. His “4 Walls”, despite the position on the release, is no outro or anything like that. We have a bit trancey, a bit acid banger. Strange, but the middle of the track is a bit calmer than the start and finish, can’t say I hear something like that very often. “Tricks Of The Trade”, which comes before P2 has quite similar cruising vibes and, probably should do the same amount of damage on the dancefloor with all those sirens inside.

Now – let’s go to the A, I’m sorry, the V-side. The tracks from Pan-J pair with Roma’s tracks as a good wine to your steak. One more cruiser “Seven Seas” and a piece of slightly different stuff – a moderately broken one under the name of “Hydra”. This side seems to have a bit brighter mood, but not too bright.

All in all – a perfect debut for the crew, it seems. The quicker this one disappears from the stores – the faster we’ll see another one from them. So, you know the drill – Juno, Deejay, Diskorrekt or any other good record shop.

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