Premiere: B1 – Roma Khropko – Sacred Ghosts [GIABR004]

Genie In A Bottle Records made me happy at the beginning of the year, when they released the Croatian house legend DAV. This time they are jumping into the local talents, bringing Roma Khropko from Criminal Practice crew. Not the first time for him here, you are probably familiar with his solid production, so let’s go straight to the tracks.

Our today’s one is the B-side opener “Sacred Ghosts”. My favorite from the record and potentially the most requested one at the DJ booths worldwide. Like the whole record, this one is a bit gloomy, but still charming. Nearly Halloween-ish, kinda spooky melody, and a slow setup, still great for a lazy dancefloor shuffling.

“Basic Equations” is also on the B-side, a bit more energetic, but also not in full swing. An interesting melody shift at 2:40 is also worth the mention. Jumping onto another side, we’re starting the record from “Blue Temple” – the epic 8-minute journey that sets that serious, maybe even grey mood for the whole record. Followed by “Low Ray”, a totally flat tool, which, with all that echoes inside gives a little nod to the progressive house (and, maybe, to the GIABR003, who knows).

So, another record with inspiration from Alladin on its artwork (the cartoon, not the producer) is published and ready for you in the stores. So, run to Juno, Deejay, HHV or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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