Quinoa Experience head to the hills for a mammoth session at Finca Molina

Quinoa Experience - Quinoa XL flyer and lineup

Quinoa Experience are serving up their largest portion of party to date. You can usually find the Spanish collective hopping cross-country between their base in Madrid and their extended arm in Barcelona. Fresh from a marathon two sessions between both locations, preparations are being made for Quinoa XL.

The extra large experience combines day into night. Usually Quinoa concentrate on one or the other, but this time promises plenty of both. Set to start at 1pm on 6th May, Quinoa XL will keep the party going all the way through to 4am the next morning. And with the extension of the opening hours comes a long listed lineup to boot.

Residents join a bunch of collective favourites, featuring some of Quinoa’s best affiliated artists. Across the fourteen hour session, Brasi, Chris Gorrie, Jua’ Rez and Solar Prunk will represent. Furthermore from the Madrid home, invitations are received by Tresydos front woman Mari.Te and Bogota born Maria Latina. These are two artists who have been making waves recently, touring the world from their Spanish base.

Finca Molina surroundings - Quinoa Experience venue

Friends and fellow industry specialists make up the rest. Mineral Music’s Abdulla A, Sigh Club resident Cesc, Glossy Mistakes boss Glossy Mario and Sohrab coming in from London.

Quinoa XL isn’t only about the large lineup. Coined as the Bamboo Circus, this special event is taking place at a fine location in the hills. Well away from the bustling Madrid centre, Finca Molina is a beautiful event space well known for hosting weddings and the like. At the same time, it’s perfectly equipped for the dance, nestled in natural surroundings, for the perfect escape.

Tickets can be purchased from Xceed, already on second release. You can also opt for bus tickets, offering transport to and from the venue.

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