Premiere: B2 – Riccardo – Curtain [CV09]

Riccardo has that type of name, which makes you put off your businesses when you hear anything featuring that name being announced. Especially after such a long pause – his last vinyl appearance (under this name) was in 2020 on his own Elma Rivaga label. For the comeback, he decided to land on Club Vision Records, which had a nice joint by Roma Khropko earlier this year.

We were promised a techno-trance piece here, and, I would say, the promise was delivered. A very powerful release, without any warmups and tryouts. For our today’s premiere, we decided to pick the last one here, “Curtain”. Like the whole EP, a very synthy, energetic, almost, I would say, HI-NRG release, that, I’m sure, will destroy a lot of dancefloors in the future (and, probably, already has). Just the right arpeggios, paired with a great percussion and additional melodies – what’s more to ask?

The record starts with “Ricordi” – from its beginning, you would probably think it’s gonna be calm, but that’s just the intro. Unbelievable drums, with those retrofuturistic synths – oh, I’m drooling already. Continuing with “Foulard” – and this one is, it seems, even better, because we can also add some fatness from the basslines. Additional fatness. But this one is a bit short, be ready for that. And the last one in the review – the B-side opener, “Parade”. Another one with a very fat bassline, but this one has a much calmer vibe (at least one track, that won’t destroy anything, hehe… at least in its first part).

Well, I would say, that comeback is great. The record is definitely great, grab “Ricordi”, while it still sits on the virtual shelves of Juno, Deejay or Subwax. It won’t last long, believe me.

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