Aura Bookings welcome Imprints Records to The Lion & Lamb for a family affair

The Lion & Lamb pub in London has been the site for a great number of top intimate parties and the on-point sound system and audiophile’s dream DJ booth make the venue all the sweeter. So, when two collectives that are close music friends decide to meet up for a celebration you know that sparks will fly. That is exactly what is on the cards on Saturday, October 12th when Aura Bookings and Imprints Records meet at The Lion & Lamb for an evening of irresistible grooves.

The latter element of the party equation is the burgeoning Imprints Records and the growing stable of very talented artists that it nurtures with each release is highly impressive. As well as founders Riccardo and Domenico Rosa the label is also home to Saverio Celestri, Cobert, Cedric Dekowski and Felix Reifenberg, Markus Sommer, 100 Hz, Ivan Iacobucci, Audri, and Charonne.

The former is newly launched London based agency Aura Bookings that represents Saverio Celestri worldwide, Riccardo and Domenico Rosa in South America: the 3 artists that will be charged with providing the beats at this fine event. Firstly is Italian artist Saverio Celestri born in Genova and based in Treviso, who has provided the soundtrack for some of the world’s finest dancefloors such as Output in New York and Tresor and CDV in Berlin. Saverio will be joined by fellow artists and Imprints Records founders Riccardo and Domenico Rosa.

The future is definitely looking bright for all involved in the pairing of Aura Bookings and Imprints Records and what better way to galvanize this partnership than with this first outing together at The Lion & Lamb.

It is also important to bear in mind that due to the small capacity at this venue it is advisable to grab a ticket as you do not want to be left out in the cold on this special night.

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