Premiere: A1 – Grant Dell & Adam Collins – Out West [DAMN001]

This is the type of premiere you should be very excited about from the beginning. Why? Just look at the headline – the names of Grant Dell AND Adam Collins plus CATNUM, that probably won’t tell you anything, but have a number 001 inside. What does it mean – of course, it’s a new label. Called – you won’t believe it – D.A.M.N. What’s not to like?

The record is called “West/East” and we’re having here its “West” part. The track is called “Out West”, to be clear here. And, as you can imagine – is the signature piece of those masters’ sound. Slow roller at the beginning, it starts with epic percussion anyway. Echoes – checked (on percussion and vocals, of course). I don’t even know what to add to the description of this one, because, considering the progressive house as the best music for dancing – this one is definitely one of its finest examples. This means you better run to your gym for some extra day of leg exercises – you’ll need it very soon.

“Out East” from another side of the record is a bit pacier and a bit calmer at the same time. Echoes are missing, but I wouldn’t call it stripped-down. A solid tool with just a pinch of melody inside, that won’t distract you from the main percussive picture.

You are going to love the record and it should be ready for grabbing at Deejay, but we’re having one more piece of news. As it is stated on the Discogs page of the label, after this one we’re going to have DAMN002 with the reissue of a 2005 split between Steve Letigre and Vincent Casanova, called “The New York Life” EP. If you know – you know (giving you a wink).

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