Premiere: A2 – Adam Collins – Sombor [VFE02]

Adam Collins is back on our website with a landing on the Vitamin For Ears label. Funny thing – I knew, that the label owner is located in Ukraine, from Adam himself. But, well, I guess, you just can’t know everything. We’re blessed with a 6-tracker release, quite versatile, and, of course, interesting. Let’s take a piece of it.

We are looking into the A2 position, where “Sombor” is waiting to be played. I would call this a signature piece of Adam’s work. Delicate at the beginning, with a nice evolving groove, that has its epicenter with those chords in the middle of the track. All that with nice balancing between house and something, that sounds like some kind of 2-step, but that’s only a mirage. A very good one.

The record starts with “Aacid Reboot” – we can skip it, since it’s just an intro, with some spacey atmosphere. Maybe, if you’ll need an intro for yourself – in that case, you better pay attention here, works nice. Also on the A-side, we can see “Customary” – a good roller, that starts with a conversation and gives us six minutes of fine groove with some Halloween-ish melodies inside. Spooky!

Another side, another intro. This time, much calmer. “Roll Up” will suit you perfectly, if you’re planning some ambient set. Or just want to have a long beatless intro for yourself. “Echo Walk” after that intro, despite being quite a delicate one, still sounds like a banger. A pacey tune for some minimal jumps in the forest. And the last one on the record, as we can see from the name, “Electro Spruce”, is going into electro territory. Very rarely I can use the word “tool” for electro tunes, but this one is definitely a tool.

So, the record will be shipped around 11.12. If you still don’t have it in your pre-orders, run to Juno or Deejay. Or wherever you’re buying your wax. As usual

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