Premiere: B1 – Adam Collins – Bloke [REAL009]

Adam Collins returns to Real Deal Records with a three-track solo EP recorded sometime in the early 2000s.

The UK tech-house innovator kickstarted the label’s journey back in 2019 with the now sought-after ‘2 Turntables’ EP. Reviving the golden era of the genre, Collins is one of many old-school producers recovering lost DAT tapes from the late 90s and early 2000s, as well as making new, analogue-produced music inspired by the time.

His collaborative work with Grant Dell also featured on the label last year, shortly after the mesmeric, posthumous solo work of Andy Panayi.

Pursuing a no-frills, raw aesthetic is central to the familiar energy of the tech-house genre. Much of the equipment used to produce the music carry their own character, packed with tweaks and imperfections that create the warm, dusty charm that fans of the analogue world adore.

It’s the cracks, pops and happy accidents that inform much of the music’s personality, matching the loose and hedonistic vibe of the parties that these records are played at.

Label founders Jake Hodgkinson and Marlon Clark are central to the movement’s revival, unearthing lost gems from the era and presenting them on top-sounding wax. Alongside their prolific and now highly in-demand label, the pair have been presenting their devoted and decade-spanning record bags in frequent gigs across Europe, as well as regular label showcases at London’s Lion & Lamb.

‘Bloke’ gets down and dirty in this premiere. Simple yet moreish drums build a steady formation with a slick snare drum and crisp hi-hats that eventually welcome a growling bassline gasping to take the roof off the dance floor.

Meandering through moody, atmospheric realms, energies remain within a pensive and menacing sphere, whilst maintaining an infectious bounce through slick percussion. Stretching out over six and a half minutes, the track is incredibly simple, allowing elements to breathe and complimenting the groove with subtle, playful bongos and a creepy vocal sample that sounds like something from the Matrix trilogy.

It’s a dry, dusty tool that is sure to get significant playtime across the club circuit. Allowing the music to do the talking through clever and stripped back rhythms, you can picture the track being slotted neatly against a plethora of genres.

The title track ‘Music Attention’ picks up the energy on the A side, utilising the same no-frills approach. A plucky bassline wraps around stuttered percussion that suits as nicely to the after-hours as it does peak time. Refined beats are packed with punch without being too in your face or abrasive and lathered with the same frisky, low-key vibe.

Concluding the EP with arguably the most playful pick, ‘Liquid Feel’ harnesses a tasteful garage-leaning bounce, slotting hats and claps in and out of the mix with a luscious effect. Melodies are unique and intriguing, casting a deep, journey-like vibe above a mean sub bass that is gasping to be heard through a club sound system.

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