Premiere: A1 – Adam Collins – Kyiv [MSR002]

Adam Collins is definitely the humblest man I’ve shared the DJ booth with. So, when I saw the EP, with the name “Kyiv”, it was an immediate grab. But this story shouldn’t be about his character or the naming, but about the track. Let’s go and check it.

“Kyiv” is the opener of the EP with the same name on Midnight Social Recordings and – for me – reminds of his set at Closer in 2021. Won’t say that it’s full of bangers, won’t say that you’re not going to dance during and after listening to it. A very delicate touch, that balances between minimal and progressive house – that’s about that particular track and the EP in full. You really just can’t be sitting without stomping, while listening to this one, because of the rolling structure of the bassline here.

Why listen to me? Let’s hear what Adam is saying: “I’m inspired to write songs based on my experiences, and “Kyiv” is a perfect example of that. Playing at Closer is unforgettable – the city’s fashion, music, and the club’s gritty happiness all moved me to write a song that captured that unique energy. The hypnotic bass line and happy melody of the song are meant to invoke the feeling of getting lost in the music of the club Closer.”

And this is just one of the four tracks here. On the A2 position we’re having “3 White Doves” – another example of a delicate track with a killer percussion. Just 7 minutes, not 9, like in “Kyiv”, but the tempo is a bit faster. Probably, this one is going to be my favorite here. “Cyprus Falls” (we’re going to the B-side) is just a perfect example of that afterhours track, that could be played on repeat for hours and hours. And the last one on the record is “Kyiv” again. This time with a little touch of Grant Dell. Very slow – and I mean VERY. And just with that sound, you’re expecting, while hearing the names of Grant and Adam together.

What can I say – the record is going to be out in a few days, so I hope that you’re prepared for this one at Juno, Deejay, Redeye or any other record store, you’re picking.

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