Premiere: A1 – Daniel Poli & ML Basic – Last Track [REAL013]

Real Deal Records return with their 13th vinyl release, continuing to delve into the treasure trove of forgotten sounds from the heyday of tech-house, and their latest release, REAL013, is no exception. This time, the spotlight shines on a fresh artist duo, Daniel Poli & ML Basic, whose previously unreleased tracks from 2002 promise to transport listeners back to the heart of the genre’s golden era.

All the tracks on the record were meticulously crafted at Junktion 13 studios in Croydon, ensuring a raw and unfiltered essence that resonates with the roots of tech-house. The hardware lineup reads like a nostalgic ode to the early 2000s, featuring classics such as the Soundcraft Spirit Mixer, Akai’s S950 and a Technics SL1200 for ripping samples.

Daniel Poli shares insights into their creative process, offering a glimpse into a time when studio setups were simpler and distractions were few. “We had no internet on the studio computer,” he reflects. “When you had a stable system, that was it, it was your work tool, no need to mess with it.” This dedication to focus allowed the duo to hone their craft without the endless digital diversions of the modern era.

The duo also revealed that each track was recorded and arranged within a day, with the mixdown completed the following day. This disciplined approach speaks to a bygone era when studio time was precious, and creativity flourished within the constraints of time and space. “A day was ample to make a tune,” Daniel explains. “It ensured you went into the studio understanding you were there to work and came out at the end of it with something.

Offering one track spinning at 45rpm on each side, the record is a slab of club-ready weaponry. ‘Last Track’ is our premiere from the A side, embodying the raw and heads-down vibe of the tech-house golden age. Dusty hats flirt between snappy and stripped-back percussions, whilst eerie pads and a spiralling bassilne set the perfect sultry yet ominous vibe.

It’s a dance between up-for-it, pulsating rhythms and the more emotive and intricate melodies, testament to the passion and genuine express of Daniel Poli & ML Basic’s collaboration.

Real Deal Records continue to unearth hidden gems from the archives, maintaining quality in every release and providing a platform for the countless forgotten gems waiting to be rediscovered.

Buy the record direct from the label’s Bandcamp.

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