Premiere: A1 – Rob Pearson & Chris Wong – Thia Beats [REAL008]

Rob Pearson returns to Real Deal Records with fellow UK producer Chris Wong.

Continuing the label’s vision of unearthing forgotten gems from the golden tech-house era, the EP fronts three tracks the two artists recorded around 2004 in Croydon. Jake Hodgkinson and Marlon Clark’s project has blossomed into a highly sought after imprint, curating an educative and tasteful catalogue of releases illustrating the pivotal period of the house-meets-techno genre.

Fusing the pair’s tastes, Chris Wong’s 80s electro tendencies meet with Rob Pearson’s trademark tech-house flavours in this unique release. The two producers have been refining their craft since the late nineties, capturing the essence of the rave through analogue drum machines, synths and samples. Studio hardware used for this release featured the Korg Phrophecy, Juno 6 and the Akai S3000 sampler.

Rob’s vinyl releases date back to the year 2000 with countless explorations of the tech-house genre, the UK veteran marks his third contribution to the Real Deal catalogue in this EP. Chris Wong has been quietly plucking away at his craft within more electro-tinged realms and this tech-electro collaboration marks his debut vinyl release.

Laced with the familiar menacing moods heard in much of the label’s output, tracks explore fierce breaks and ravey atmospheres. Opening the record with a floor throbbing bomb, ‘Thia Beats’ illustrates the collaborative force of electro and tech-house.

Pinned by gritty 808 beats, energies lean towards the UK bleep era, working huge sub bass notes into crafty percussion packed with the sleazy, mischievous vibe echoed throughout the label’s aesthetic. Beats flirt between breaks and straight 4/4 rhythms, opening up into a stunning chord sequence complimenting the contrasting moods from the two producers.

It’s the kind of in-between genres cut that you could hear the likes of Rhadoo or Craig Richards spinning, tapping into the wiggy and thought-provoking realms whilst maintaining a seductive and enticing groove.

‘Digital Dream’ navigates a more tech-house leaning territory, hosting a driving 909 drum palate between twitchy percussions and a huge bassline gasping for a steamy dance floor. ‘Let’s Get Moving’ closes out the record with an emotive electro cut. Pensive pads float over a slick beat and an agile bassline that sounds remnant of the great Alien Recordings and Andy Panyani which featured on the label back in 2020.

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