Premiere: B2 – Letigre & Casanova – Much 2 Dark [DAMN002]

Today we’re having something a bit unusual for our premier’s section – a track, initially released in 2005. But, if 18 years weren’t enough for youtubers to do some rips – it’s time for Trommel to step up. Yes, as I told you in the premiere of DAMN001, DAMN002 will be a remastered reissue of “The New York Life EP”, made by Steve Letigre and Vincent Casanova. But, some history first…

As I was told by Patrick from D.A.M.N., the original press wasn’t that big of a shock in those days, as it is now on Discogs. Copies were returned to the label and were damaged through the years. A bit later, after a year of searching, Vincent reached out to Patrick with the tracks right on Christmas Eve. It’s always nice to have some good old Christmas miracle, right?

Finally, let’s talk about the tracks for a bit. We decided to pick a B2 for this one. And it was a VERY hard choice between those two unripped tracks. But, a man has to make it sometimes – and “Much 2 Dark” was picked. A very light one, with just a pinch of darkness, I guess, because of that bubbling basses through the track. A very minimalistic, kind of progressive tune, that, before this release, was one of the grails for the people, who love to shout “TRACK ID!” in front of the DJ’s face.

The track that lost the battle (but you can still check it on our Youtube channel) is “Much 2 Sexy”. This one, as should be, is in opposition to that one with “dark” inside its name. Instead of bubbling, we’re having some light chords with a little echo on them. As I love to say in those types of tracks – a perfect one for the afterhours. The last one, “Trenchant”, could be found on YT already, has that slightly broken beat vibe inside it, probably will be the most popular on the record, but, who knows, who knows…

No digital promo, no repress, vinyl-only 300 records pressed. If these words are not pushing you to go to the Deejay page – I don’t know what to say anymore…

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