Premiere: B2 – Richer – La Reina De La Noche (Night Mix) [OPIA013]

Last year OPIA Records welcomed Man/ipulate into his roster and he delivered one of the best releases in 2022. This year is starting (let’s say “is starting” so far) with Richer from Argentina. You may know him by his own label Calypso’s Dream. Or may not – I missed him somehow. Well, let’s check if he’ll live up to the last year’s OPIA hype.

“La Reina De La Noche (Night Mix)” is the main dish of the night. Smashing, pumping but not very fast at the same time. I would say it brings us into some Locomia era, but after a recent release on TCR it’s not possible anymore (they took the Locomia mentions all to themselves till the end of 2023, at least). Let’s say, we’re having some nice retro vibes, bringing some Ibiza, Italy or even Argentina into mention. This one is my favorite track from the release. And the last one on the record.

The first one is “Disco.nect (Mental Mix)” – another hello to classics, but without that B2 smashing percussion – here is much more tribals than smashings. With a nice melody on top of that. “Move At Night” on the A2 position has that evening/morning vibe at its beginning, rather than just a touch of bigroom and after that brings us into the start or the ending of the party again. You should pick where to play it, yes. And finally, “Klubcontrol” – with its spooky hole in the very beginning it turns into some Quest-like mayhem closer to the middle of the track.

Well, what can I say – probably, it should be blown away from the stores very quickly – we’re talking about OPIA – that’s the usual thing for them. By the way, the label is now on the new distro – probably, the best way to grab it will be there (and also check some other new labels)

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