Premiere: B1 – Badmango – So A [GIABR005]

One more release from Ukraine in our collection of premieres. This time the release is made by the masterminds of Yate and Badmango, representing Odesa. The track of today has only the name of Badmango on it, but, believe me, it is definitely not lacking anything because of it. As I was told, the release is already highly anticipated, and it’s easy to believe since I saw some videos with it before (as I know it now) and heard the tracks in some mixes (once even live, at the party).

So, bubbling from the start, moderate pace, and slow build-up until the bass is kicking in. “So A” is kind of preparing us for all that mayhem, we’ll have near the end of the second minute. The voice is starting to appear and adds some more trippy sounds to that bubbling. Add here that rolling percussion, which sounds like it should be a very easy dancing practice for us. But somehow it’s not distracting. I have a streak with this track, by the way – played it three times, and had “Track ID” requests after that immediately.

Staying on the B-side of GIABR005, with “Jakvigusto”. A very hard-kicking piece, that is even slower than his neighbor. And shorter, by the way – only four minutes and a few seconds. But, despite its general roughness, it still has some dreamy vibe, because of the melody, that appears closer to the middle of the track.

The collaboration side of the record starts with “Sun Day”, a stripped-back banger with constant juggling between the straight and broken rhythms. Another one, that fits full dancefloors perfectly. “Black Camel” on that side is kind of repeating the B-side situation with B2. You, probably, will play A1 more, but, if you try this one – you won’t be disappointed with the crowd reaction.

The releases of Genie In A Bottle Records usually do not stay on the record shelves for a long time, so, after the start of presale, you better run to Juno, Deejay, yoyaku, or call your local vinyl dealer in the neighborhood. That one between bakery and butchery, you know.

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