Premiere: A2 – Qzzaargh – Abuse Team [DTL001]

Last year, when we had a premiere of Borys’ release on Wicked Bass, everyone was speaking about it being one of the most important electronic releases from Ukraine. At least, for the Ukrainians. Well, this one, under the not-that-well-known name of Qzzaargh is not that far from it also.

Today we’re having archive material, discovered in the collection of the frontman of the Ukrainian rock’n’roll band “Braty Hadiukiny” (I can’t really recommend to google it for you, since the music is VERY different from the tracks, we’re usually having at Trommel, but just believe me – it’s a huge band for Ukraine). In the 90s Serhiy Kuzminskiy did a musical pivot and became a DJ and producer. All these tracks on “Lost But Found” EP are from that era. And we have to thank the guys from Detali label, representing the city of Ivano-Frankivsk for doing an excellent job of digging there. What a great way to start the label, right?

“Abuse Team” is going to be our main premiere, but you can also hear the EP in full on our Youtube channel. The whole record, as stated, is a mixture of “eclectic house, progressive trance, and downtempo”. This particular track is leaning into the first two categories then (still, having a thought that it could be a bit faster, yes). Moderately slow roller, with a lot of weird sounds hidden here and there. Some of them are repeating themselves, some are appearing only once in a track. Background conversations are also here, doing their job of giving us a little rest of the beat perfectly.

Another track on the record, that will be a juicy treat for the DJ’s record bags around the world, is “Gom Jabbar”. The last one of the record, it is a bit pacier, than “Abuse Team”, but at the same time, a bit calmer too. A production is kinda close to A2 – a lot of nice sounds over the main beat, plus some conversation to guide us through the track. My second favorite track on the release, yes.

Now – to the downtempo side. If you like those – you should definitely look into “Bene Tleilaxu” and “I Got A Crystal Ball”. The first one is almost beatless until a few broken percussions are stepping up. The second one is A. VERY. SLOW. ONE. Probably perfect for some start of the set deep in the summer night forest.

I can assure you – it should be a huge record in Ukraine. And a great start for the label. If you want to have it in your collection too – Juno, Deejay, Decks. You know the drill.

More information about Qzzaargh

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By the way, the crew of Detali is also responsible for the volunteer fund “Port Frankivsk”, which really helps Ukrainians in the war with Russia. Would be really great if you could donate them here.

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