Premiere: A2 – IT Guys – Baile Delito [NQ002]

After a very synthy and joyful inaugural release by TOBI in 2022, Nila’s Quest label, representing Argentina, is ready with their second one, presenting us a bit mysterious name of IT Guys. All the mysteries are vanishing quickly, since under that name we can see the aforementioned TOBI along with Ian Puchetti (you may know him from the Wobble Boys project). Another VERY joyful and blissful release – I bet you heard some tracks from it at least once during this summer (especially, if you visited some big forest raves).

So, “Baile Delito” – if you ever needed a description of what a summery track should be – here you go. Just put it on some loud speakers and enjoy your six minutes of pure fun. That perfect kind of trancey… No, not melodies, but percussions, yes. Because melodies here are a very solid reminder, what region is represented. That Argentinian joy is squeezing all over the top here. And the moment around 4:30 is just the final argument here. I only wish the track was at least 10 minutes or so…

The EP is opening with “Double Trouble”. A pure euro-house/trance banger. Something in between romantic and aggressive dancing, yes. I lean a bit closer towards the second one. “Esto Es Un Asalto” is even more aggressive, I must say. But not in a dark techno way, don’t forget – the whole EP is a nod to the classic 90s era of euro house and italodance. Euphoria could be heard on every second here. And, since we mentioned italodance – “Noches De Verano” is a perfect closer with that nod too. Still, the chords of euro house are not going anywhere here. But we have a nice balance of those two.

Too bad that it’s autumn already, but if you’re still living in some warm places, or are planning to visit them soon – this record is a must have in the bag. You can grab it on Deejay, Decks, Viniil or wherever you’re buying your wax. As always.

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