Premiere: B1 – Light Blue File – Shape [NQ003]

Nila’s Quest label is back with a piece from their debut release by Light Blue File, a name you might recognize from LBF Records or pryma labels. It’s taken a darker turn from their previous works, but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. Quite the contrary.

“Shape,” the track we’re featuring today, kicks off with an almost “Sexy Back” vibe. Honestly, those percussions, is it just me feeling that or what? The lyrics – no comments there, but I promise, the first time you hear and recognize them, you’ll crack a smile, maybe not so little. Put all that together, and it’s a tune fit for any DJ delving into the “darker side of house” – today’s winner, hands down.

Now, onto the B-side, “Louisse Ciconne” holds a few more surprises hidden beneath that grimey vibe. Until it becomes very obvious. “Ride The Fire,” the A-side opener, could conquer many dancefloors with its pace and big-room feel. Then, right after that, “Have I Lost My Face?” creeps in with its slow tempo and those vocodered robovoices. Mmm!

This release took me by surprise, but it’s undeniably intriguing – and already up for pre-orders. Head to Juno, Deejay, or Decks to grab your wax there.

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