Premiere: A2 – TOBI – Macanudo [NQ001]

Prepare yourself for one hell of a trip, because we’re heading to Argentina, to see and hear the opening of a new label, called Nila’s Quest. With a little (actually, huge) help by Manuel Tobares, also known as TOBI and his, I would say, even TOO bright and lovely sounds.

Our today’s premiere, “Macanudo” will hit you just in that second, when you press play. Harder bass could only be banging from the 808 machine, I guess. Now add to that those “too bright and lovely sounds” I just mentioned with a touch of arcade videogame (any arcade videogame) OST. The sounds seem to be evolving through the track, like, I’m eating some fruits and growing (totally forgot what characters in arcade games used to do). I won’t meet any type of boss at the end of the track, still, it sounds like a nice cruise.

If you decide to play an opener of this record AFTER A2, you’ll immediately think that you’re going to the next level. A bit darker (by 1%) atmosphere, kinda more energetic, still with that retro touch. That’s “AstroVac”. The B-side is starting with another beauty, called “Girando (“S” Mix)” – probably, the best dancefloor-orientated track on the record. I bet, you’ll start dancing on its second part. It’s impossible not to. The final one here is also in that “dancing” category definitely, but easily imaginable to stream from a cassette player in some turquoise DeLorean (if that’s even a thing), while cruising on some Ocean Beach drive. That’s “Gypsy Dance”.

If you like the fun of those sounds – you should definitely add the record, the label and the producer to your watchlists. Let’s start with the record – Juno, Deejay and HHV are already waiting.

More information on TOBI
Soundcloud | Instagram

More information on Nila’s Quest
Soundcloud | Instagram

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