Premiere: 3 – Light Blue File – Ein The Rein [PRY09]

Light Blue File shines a light on the serene tech-house flavours coming out of Beunos Aires. Argentina and the wider culture of Latin America is deeply rooted in dance music, through it’s traditional ties to salsa and public performance just as much as it’s healthy electronic music sphere.

Pryma is a great example of the many labels thriving on their own unique strain of house music, taking influence from a widespread variety of genres as well as the continents history. Montei provided a peek into their world last year with the label’s fourth release, meandering through blissful atmospheres and chuggy beats.

Since last Summer at the time of Montei’s entry, the label has evolved considerably as they approach their ninth release. Delazar’s track ‘Por Ahi’ recieved a lively remix from Project I that opened the door to their peak time energies, weaving squelchy acid into trancey formulas showcasing another side to their tastes.

The crew have hosted a number of unique, DIY style parties across the capital, presenting that raw, old school rave vibe where people are free to dance for long periods and make meaningful connections.

Their SoundCloud also hosts a healthy podcast series, as well as numerous recordings of the residents spinning live from showcases.

The enigmatic ‘Light Blue File’ producer steps up for the label’s ninth outing and marks the collective’s first full length release. Very little information surrounds this mystical alias that brings eight tracks to Pryma’s first LP which delivers a fruity weapon in this premiere.

‘Ein The Rein’ walks the line delightfully between ravey, euphoric moods and a laid-back, sleazy vibe with a bassline to die for.

Quirky acid bleeps dance between the spiralling bassline and hopeful chords stabbing through every other bar. Patiently building with a subtle yet menacing bounce, sounds eventually step aside to make space for the lush and bold vocoder that comes belting over the mix.

You can genuinely picture a crew of up-for-it ravers dancing ‘ein the rain’ to this groovy, peak time bomb frothing with attitude. The level of sleaze lends itself towards Sweely’s playful nature, flirting between sensual housey flavours whilst expressing emotion and depth with very few elements.

The versatile nature of this tune is destined for significant play time across circuits. It wouldn’t sound out of place in the hands of the likes of Lamache and Jane Fitz stunning an intimate gig, whilst packing enough character to comfortably please a huge festival crowd.

A plethora of moods and energies are to be expected from this full length album that will be coming soon to Pryma’s Bandcamp.

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