Premiere: B1 – Eric OS – Watch Me [ST003]

Eric OS, the man with a very strong pace at the start of this year – you could literally see the name everywhere in early 2023, got a bit slower lately. But there is a reason – we’ll be tasting his upcoming debut album today. Two vinyls, and 11 tracks on his own Space Trace label. Should be fun.

It wasn’t the easiest choice, but, after the long at-home pre-listening, “Watch Me” became the pick for the main premiere today. The crispiest track on the release and probably the one, that will be the most played of them all. Nice and trendy fat bassline, moderately fast pace, kinda spacey atmosphere, delicate use of samples – still sounds like a perfect combination in 2023, right? But there is MUCH more there…

We’re preparing for a long journey from the start of the album with “The Wandering Mind” which could be called an intro. But that one with the rhythm. Should fit a lot of podcasts as an opener. “Sonic Wave” at the A2 position is continuing the mood in a bit pacier manner. 5 minutes of the main theme variations – should always be fun. The last one on the A-side, “Am I Awake Or In My Mind?” takes us to a synthy territory with that vocoder, that is always perfect for trips like this.

The B-side is closing with another slow track “Moments In Time”. Slow, yes, but check that percussion here… To the C-side next, which starts with another spacey skit “Attention”, which is followed by another spacey dancefloor track “Superstitious”. Can’t say, that I love it more than these two on the first vinyl, but maybe you will. Quite the contrary, “Wave Scape” on the C3 is the type of track, everyone will love to hear on a big sound.

Just as “Freaky Cycles” on the last side of this album. Like almost every “dancefloor” track here – not very pacey, but with that space twist inside. “Television” on the next position will add a few BPMs here if you need it, but I’m still a bigger fan of that one on D1. “Shapeshifter” is presented to us as some cherry on top of it all. Short, synthy, jumpy track with a great melody inside – I’m definitely loving it. The perfect ending of a very nice album.

If this OS’ Eleven left a mark on your heart – the release is very soon. The record will be seen at Juno, Deejay, One Eye Witness and any other good record shop. You know, what to do with that.

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