Premiere: A1 – Eric OS – Eden [DIDWAX003]

I guess, Eric OS should be the hottest man on Earth right now. Just a quick search found his 7 releases (or releases WITH him), that have been or will be released recently. Can’t say right now, that he’ll conquer our top-100 selection of 2023, as Man/ipulate did in 2022, but let’s see, how he manages his ultra-speedy pace. This track from his split with another producer from Sweden, Lewis, will land on Deep In Dis Intl. label and, must say, from all those 7 releases, I like this one the most. Here we go then.

I love the description about “all those elements that made us get up off the backstage sofa and lose it on the floor”, it probably, can’t be said better about it. Intensive groove from the beginning, a few dreamy chords after it, and that squeaking, that you already heard in the previews. In the middle of the track we have one extra melody and the encore of squeaking with a rotation of all those elements. That’s “Eden”.

“Timebomb” starts with a bit broken alert, but very soon after it, we’ll hear only one more stomper. Maybe, even with a better groove and slightly interesting sounds… But those squeaks from the A1 just stole my heart, sorry.

Another side of the record will be on Lewis from Data Flow label and he also starts it with some serious dancefloor material. “Project Mayhem” is one of those tracks, that still exploits that robo/cosmic/whatever theme, but even after all those years of using that type of samples, still manages to add something new a finish the work in style. I’ve heard literally hundreds of them through the last years and am not disappointed after the finish of this one. Good one. “Acid44” is not playing any games with us about its naming – this is an acid piece. Extra mean green substance all over the not-so-pacey track.

The release date of DIDWAX003 is not that near, but you better still do some pre-orders on Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax. And watch after that Eric guy, I’ve warned you.

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