Premiere: A1 – S.A.M. – Project050 (Studio Version) [DELAPHINE011]

Not so long ago I had one semi-drunk conversation with a friend about the “future of house music” (uff!), can’t remember exactly, how (semi-drunk, remember?), but he mentioned the new S.A.M.’s release, which I missed at that moment. So, when I came back home and went to SoundCloud, I put that on my watchlist immediately. Didn’t write about the premiere – I was convinced it had already been booked somewhere. But a few days after, when I realized that I like the whole EP, I decided to write to Samuel directly. And here we are – with the greatest track out of the most anticipated releases lately.

4 years since the last one Delaphine’s monster – remember “Fury’s Laugter”, which had the potential to be screamed by fans after their team would score a goal or something? And the flipside was gorgeous too, by the way. This release also has two tracks, but each in two versions. Double the pleasure.

So, “Project050 (Studio Version)”. The epic 7-minute creature with a long build-up and a very crispy sound. Fast, but somehow still delicate (as a banger), till the last drop. Forget about delicacy at that point. Another version – “Project050 (Live Mix)” is a bit more stripped-down piece, but still can do some damage.

Another one – “Ha” is even more… Harder and delicate at the same time. The melody is still kinda melancholic, but the pace and organ sounds do their job. A digital bonus here is another version of “Ha” (Stripped Mix). Should be the best tool of the summer. And that laughter inside the track still sends us to 2019… Life was much easier then, right?

So, warn your dealer about the arrival of those beauties. Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your stuff – pre-orders are waiting.

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