Premiere: B1 – DJ Ronnie – Miss Deejay [PUNCHLINE02]

Ba Dum Tish’s sub-labels have managed to carve out the instantly recognisable sound and ‘buy-on-sight’ quality that most labels can only hope to seek out after years of putting out records. The label’s music takes many forms, ranging from the pedal-to-the-metal garage, supercharged breaks, and timeless tech-house, often accompanied by not-so-serious alias’ and track names. Now on Punchline’s second compilation release, melodic mastermind S.A.M. ventures into broken beats with ‘Miss Deejay’ under his DJ Ronnie alias.

The Danish producer is usually known for his emotionally drenched anthems as part of Mandar as well as his own productions but it speaks to his talent as a producer that he’s able to seamlessly switch it up whilst maintaining the key features which have defined his sound. Miss Deejay is no exception to the instantly recognisable Ba Dum Tish sound, with its beefy breaks packing a punch from the get-go, whilst the snappy key progressions add that element of quirkiness and distinctiveness that underpins the productions of Falconer, Harry Wills and the likes.

Although S.A.M.’s has lent himself to more melodic, 4×4 sounds rather than gritty breaks, he still gives Miss Deejay still gets that special glossy treatment. The gliding and glistening melody sprinkle a hefty dose of emotion onto the track and gives it a signature S.A.M. feel despite the alias. Whilst seated raves have given clubs and artists some much-needed cash, it’s tracks like Miss Deejay which make us all the more desperate to get back on the dancefloor.

Also featuring on the compilation EP Fillet o Fists aptly named ‘Knuckle Sandwich’, an onslaught of blitzing breaks underpinned by a slithering bassline. DJ W!ld enlists his Milq alias for ‘Hybrid Vitality’, sampling the iconic bassline from Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, naturally accompanied by choppy breaks and another bassline of an electrifying, frequency shifting variety. Brukker rounds off the EP with the melancholic ‘Gemini’, perfect for bringing the tempo down off a rowdy night.

Punchline 02 is now available for exclusive pre-order at Ba Dum Tish.

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