Premiere: B1 – Bob G – Unclosed [BOBG02]

It’s been a while since we last got our hands on the stuff from the Ba Dum Tish factory, and they still have some goodies. Like this series from Bob G – as they put it – one of the most exciting producers around. Let’s check if that’s true.

We picked “Unclosed,” the opener of the B-side, which immediately caught my attention from the very first second with that almost electro-house buzzing. It’s a delicate one, playing in the background but loud enough to catch your notice. After the first minute, you also catch some very nice piano garage riffs, always a pleasure for the ears. You can easily imagine Alex Falconer, throwing it into the mix along with his signature dance moves for a huge and loud crowd.

“Off Switch” (still on the B-side) feels like a juicy and rare garage jam from the early 00s, and personally, there are very few things in life that are better than that. “Happenings,” kicking off the record with some suspenseful strings, transforms into another 4/4 beauty. It’s a delicate banger, the best of the lot. “Soothing,” the final track here, could also fit into that category because its almost melancholic melody (I said “almost”) pairs with sounds usually associated with a peak-time, screaming crowd. Nice, innit?

And you know what? The pre-sale is in full swing. You can already reserve your copy at yoyaku or Deejay. So, what are you waiting for?

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