Premiere: A2 – LVCA & Marlon – El LFO Del Inferno [SOCK002]

Luca Cazal‘s LVCA alias feels as though it’s beginning to have something of a moment. With a debut on Robert James’ Body Movement label followed by a solo EP on Anthea’s Partisan, the sound of LVCA is beginning to take shape. The Italian artist, alongside Ibiza-based producer Marlon, now debut’s on yet another important current label, Ba Dum Tish‘s Sock It To Me, with their Hang Out With Your Computer EP featuring A2’s El LFO Del Inferno.

It’s an aptly named EP considering the world situation, even so, since clubs have disappeared from our lives, the dancefloor-focused music from Ba Dum Tish’s sublabels has really come into it’s own. Both Luca and Marlon’s Ibiza roots shine through on El LFO Del Inferno with it’s sun-kissed chord progressions that feel better suited to open-air parties and long summer days rather than bedrooms in Autumn, but they do act as an optimistic reminder that better days will come.

There’s always room for artists to bring their own personality onto Ba Dum Tish’s releases, with Cazal bringing his signature background twangs and quirks of hardware that we’ve become so familiar with. Whilst the chords steal the show, the drum programming which alters between breaks and foot-to-the-floor 4×4, as well as the wiggling bassline, ensures neither personality nor dance moves will be in short supply during playtime.

‘Hang Out With Your Computer’ isn’t just a one-and-done record, with the title track providing a pumping peak-time number that flirts between cheeky and haunting at a breakneck pace. The B-side continues to showcase Cazal and Marlon’s love affair with punchy basslines, with the rumbling Bed Bugs bringing new meaning to the term wobbler and WePlay is loaded up on character with its computerised vocals, anchored by weighty drums and a chunky bassline.

Hang Out With Your Computer is available to purchase on pre-order exclusively from Ba Dum Tish.

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