Premiere: A1 – Tunik – New Dawn Fades [DKMTL096]

Having built up a rock-solid profile as a result of several high-profile releases on Nicolas Lutz’ essential My Own Jupiter imprint. This has led the Argentinian artist to break into the very tidy position where he is able to straddle a great many desirable sounds and scenes. The result is a slew of white hot appearances at the likes of tINI’s Off Week party and for Loud- Contact in Barcelona, Sophie Festival in Malaga, his upcoming set at Dekmantel and his anticipated “A New Dawn” EP on the legendary Dutch imprint.

We pick up the release with lead track “New Dawn Fades” and Tunik melds his take on synth heavy electro to a more techno structure to devastating effect. Don’t be fooled by the melancholy intro as this A1 is pure fire. Scything hats and snappy snares cut right through the mix with ease as the track begins to envelope around the deeply rooted sub bass tones. The classically Dekmantel euphoria soon gives way to the beast of a track that it would soon become. When the stunningly distorted synths begin working their magic the sub action takes a bit of a back seat, but when these drop out towards the end of the track the beauty of these lower hertz are soon revealed again in all their glory.

A2 “The Aeon” steps back into electro mode with pin point drums and the synth work that has become such a calling card for Tunik. B1 “Electro 01” could almost be called “Electro 101” due to its classic acid wiggles all delivered with a sinister slant. “Third Eye Connection” which completes the vinyl version of the EP steps up the energy levels with a more techno direction that does not deviate too far from the 4/4 kick, snare, hat combo, but the simplicity of the drums leaves more room for Tunik to work his magic in other areas.

For the digital version of this EP there will be a fifth track added in as a bonus and “MS20”, undoubtedly an ode to the classic Korg synth of the same name and the thick modular synth lines that Tunik extracts from the instrument is nothing short of otherworldly.

Tunik’s “New Dawn Fades” Ep on Dekmantel is available to pre-order via his own Bandcamp page.

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