Trommel’s New Years Resolution 2024: 12 must-see artists on the rise

    Over the past five years, our New Year’s Resolution series has become something we look forward to every single year. It’s an opportunity for us at Trommel to reflect, to ensure we’re expanding our horizons to emerging musical talents within the scene and appreciating those who deserve appreciation.

    Now onto our fifth edition, we put forward 12 growing artists from our beloved scene who we recommend you to keep a close eye on, whether they’re playing in your city, releasing a new record, or just checking out what they’re all about.


    Aline Umber aka Aline Brooklyn & Aman Umber (live)

    One of the biggest favourites amongst our readers, Aline Umber had a simply great year. With multiple appearances in our top-100 and a huge amount of likes both on premieres and their videos from live performances. The streak should be continued.

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    Another name from our top-100 selection. Pleasure Club and Fresh Tunez have already seen her beautiful productions, Picnic Records are up next, and we too are waiting for some more heat.

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    In 2023 Europe finally had a taste of this fantastic Brazilian selector. Another big highlight from the past – Boiler Room Sao Paulo, of course. And we’re still waiting for the one release

    Instagram | Soundcloud

    Felix HK

    It’s hard to put someone on the “names to watch” section if the name had already had a release on Perlon, but in this case, we’re still thinking, that it could have been missed. So, here you go.

    Instagram | Soundcloud

    Flo Massé

    Another one Boiler Room mention – she too was in that Boiler Room Sao Paulo. After that, she did two long European tours where she played in the most interesting clubs and festivals. I heard some comments about her sets, and, you know – zero bad reviews. Probably, that’s a good thing.

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    3 top-notch releases in 2023 played by the biggest heavyweights in the scene. 2 tracks from them went straight into our top-100 selection. And, as we can see, the pace is not slowing down, at least another one is now on the waiting list.

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    We had her in our premieres section and our party series last year. And it was a part of her enormous line of gigs, during which she played at one of the best spots on the scene. 2024 is looking as good for her.

    Instagram | Soundcloud

    Mother Earth

    Another performance, that wasn’t easy to catch at home in 2023. Just look at that Instagram – it can really make you a little jealous. What a year. What a year to come!

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    Coming straight from our best mixes of the year selection, where you can find her gorgeous Boiler Room performance.

    Instagram | Soundcloud

    Smooth Operators aka Massaï and Lamalice

    Lot of gigs, and great productions, both appearing in one of the best Trommel mixes of the year, Lamalice also jumps into our top-100 tracks. Can it count as a great year? Yes. Should we expect them to stop? Absolutely not.

    Massai Instagram | Lamalice Instagram


    Again we’re looking at the great gig list of 2023 (where tINI and the Gang stands especially high) with a lot of nice videos after every event. Somebody did a great job.

    Instagram | Soundcloud


    Could be a bit late for Tunik to appear here, but still. After releases on Dekmantel and MOJ we would like to recommend you to watch this name in 2024. Can we do that? Yes, we can.

    Instagram | Soundcloud

    This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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