Trommel 2023 picks: this year’s top 25 DJ mixes

    Another year has gone, and as expected it was full of great music, talented artists and wonderful mixtapes – after having collectively spent countless hours of listening pleasure at Trommel headquarter in the last 12 months, we collected the 25 released this year that we enjoyed the most.

    It was a hard task, and to make our life easier we decided to select a maximum of one podcast for each platform, with the only exception for this year of two (very rare) recordings extracted directly from Houghton Festival.

    Without further ado, here is the list (in no particular order)

    Giammarco Orsini (Closer)

    Cezar (XLR8R)

    Nicolas Lutz (Houghton Festival)

    Tho (Faciendo)

    Tulbure (Signal Live)

    Gene on Earth & Dyed Soundorom (Fuse Brussel)

    Guavain (Mood Waves)

    Lamalice (Pager Records)

    Juaan (Positive Future)

    Binh (Houghton Festival)

    Sean OD (Spaced)

    Ion Ludwig live (personal Soundcloud)

    GEF live aka Gojnea76 and Zefzeed (Club Guesthouse)

    Ancut (Timeless)

    Dubtil (Playedby)

    Ana Wall (fabric)


    Junki Inoue (VBX)

    Outransa (Cartulis)

    Tunik (Dekmantel)

    Oriana (Boiler Room)

    Ryan Elliot b2b Evan Baggs (Butik Festival)

    Charonne (Just Us)

    Baldo (Phonica)

    Dyed Soundorom & Shonky (Multisex)

    Special mention: Andrew Weatherhall reggae set (Houghton Festival)

    Check our 2022 selection here.

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