Trommel 2022 picks: this year’s top 25 DJ mixes

    There is little doubt that 2022 has been packed with amazing music and as you can see from our recent top 100 tracks this stretches the length and breadth of the musical spectrum. Of course, these tracks are just single points in musical history without the DJ’s to deliver them in a myriad of ways to the world’s dance-floors. Be that in nightclubs, beaches, boats, tents or in their respective studios and living rooms, it is the DJ’s that play such a large part in the sharing of music and our dedicated team have chosen a small list of mixes that they have been feeling over the course of the year.

    DISCLAIMER. Please note that this section is a collection of 25 mixes that the team at Trommel enjoyed most in the passing year. It should not be intended as a ranking or chart/classification in any form, and the list of mixes is made following artist name A-Z order. It also reflects the subjective taste of the team components from their personal but limited knowledge of what has been released during 2022.

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