Premiere: A1 – Aline Umber – Satisfied [SAH003]

Aline Umber - Stay At Home EP

Stay At Home Records have quite quickly blossomed thanks to a refreshing take on the sharing of music. Whilst the tracks do of course speak for themselves, one can’t help but notice a comical reference that bounds their titles. French artist Adrian Calvert works this rounded creativity of tones from Paris, a series that started with his own sonic reflection Stay At Home Dad.

Soon after he was teaming up with Chicago’s own Boo Williams for a session of Stay At Home Chi-Town. Now he makes for a showcase from his own home country, inviting a bunch of fresh French producers at the heart of the scene for a VA. Aline Umber makes up a formation of two of said artists, Aline Brooklyn and Aman Umber.

Since launching the live act last year, the pair have already become essential scores on lineups the likes of Rex Club, ReSolute and Nostromo. Their input on Stay At Home The Dogs Are Out makes for a taste of the flavour.

‘Satisfied’ is a high energy blend of deep house and throbbing electro. Slight nugs of textured synth tickle a pressing beat, a firm hitting bassline that marches forward with the groove. The fun starts when rounded pads dash in a rapid melody, riding high with spooky meanders of lower frequencies.

It’s around the half way point when it all kicks off. When the bass briefly drops and the sound centers on a pulsating rhythm. As the beat brings back, it’s obvious this would cause some carnage on the dance floor.

Pre-order the EP now on Bandcamp, due for release on 29th June.

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