Premiere: A2 – Adrien Calvet – Hip-Hop [SAH004]

Adrien Calvet - Stay at Home EP record art

The Stay At Home crew are back with their latest EP and despite what the label name suggests, it does not make you want to stay at home. This next one is dance floor ready, full of surprises and spilling out groove from all corners. It follows The Dogs Are Out VA earlier this year which showcased a bunch of talented friends of the label. Now, it’s time for Adrien Calvet to take the reigns again, as the head honcho goes at it alone.

Swing set percussion brings a cool, rapid rhythm, a tight and simple backbone that leaves plenty of space to be creative around it. With a steady bass in support, the fun starts with squelching acid stab, as rugged textured start to build. Futuristic synth lines glide a glistening mirror, bouncing off the swirling sounds of sweet siren.

These heightening senses are building towards something else. What begins with playful grooves feeding a housey cut of minimal, soon changes tract, when the main event begins. A pitch driven performance, spoken verse brimming with rhyme and reason. The rest settle around it, then we’re ready to go again.

The next bars bring more drive, big basslines wrapped around shimmering trance like melodies. Records scratch, appreciative voices groan, as this track is very much brought to life with its off the cuff movements between style of sound.

‘Hip-Hop’ wouldn’t be complete without another round of the rap, although not before the sonic drive of a more pummelling bass. It’s a full circle journey brewed with varied rounds of creativity.

Pre-order the EP on Bandcamp now, due for vinyl release on 20th November.

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