A recap of the active campaigns, fundraisers and crowd funders to support the industry

    There is no denying that since the horrible mess that is COVID-19 began the effect it has had on the creative industries have been terrible. First to fall foul of the severing of funding and income is the independent organisations that are the lifeblood of every scene the world over.

    Some are lucky and have full-time jobs to keep these businesses afloat, but most are run by creatives that put their whole life into their businesses. Record labels, club nights, venues, bars, all are at the mercy of this pandemic but you can help. With a collection of small donations, it is possible to keep these important businesses alive.

    So, to make it easier to do your bit and keep up to date with the various fundraisers we have collected them together in one article and we will continue adding to it over the coming months. Just remember that a 10 second Facebook post is roughly the same as a $25 donation, so if you can’t afford a donation your influence and love is just as important. The main thing to remember is that if we don’t do something now then we might not have a nightlife to come back to once the doors open again.

    The below list will be updated regularly, if you want to flag some other initiative or reality send us an email.

    Wildt, Praguedonate
    Our most recent fundraisers but just as deserving of your time, donations and thoughts and prayers as any of the other organisations on the list.

    eZo Festival, Tbilisidonate
    A true bastion of a region that offers so much yet receives so little. One of the more lesser-known fundraisers here but one look at their project and it will tell you all you need to know about why this should be protected.

    The MUDD Show, Berlindonate
    With just over a day to go Berlin’s The MUDD Show are on track to meet their target. Their 3-phase funding project will aim to improve the organisations streaming and events capabilities and allow them to continue the work they have been carrying out. Who doesn’t look forward to their streams?

    The Oven Club, Valenciadonate
    One of Spain’s lesser-known venues but one that never skimps on doing things the right way. Part of a long line of Valencian nightclubs The Oven Club have already surpassed their goal of €3,000 but the more they receive the longer they can keep the lights on in this impressive venue.

    The Lion and Lamb, Londondonate
    One of our favourite pubs and it’s easy to see why it needs to be saved. Regularly playing host to the best DJ’s in the world and in order for them to weather this current storm. Having raised an impressive £16k+ since their campaign began way back when but who knows when they will again be able to open their doors again.

    Koncept Space, Sofiadonate
    This sprawling venue has in the past and hopes to again play host to the likes of Sunrise and their SNRS48 parties but they need your help. Having fallen quite some way from their goal of BGN 30,000, Koncept Space is possibly one of the most endangered on this list so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated by the venue.

    Real Gangdonate
    As well as the impending closures of organisations around the world it is also important to recognise the good work done to keep peoples mental health afloat. Not so much a direct donation but proceeds from the same of Real Gangs ace tee’s will go to help support The Samaritans.

    Animal Crossing, Manchesterdonate
    Organisations that able to weather the storm have and will lend a helping hand to those much less fortunate. The likely lads at Animal Crossing have done just that and have teamed up with mental health charity Manchester Mind.

    Lab 11, Birminghamdonate
    Having been issued a £10,000 fixed penalty notice to Birmingham venue Lab 11 this has put them at risk of losing the venue they have put so much work and effort into. So far they have raised over £35,000 but much more is needed to cover the venue costs as well as their lengthy legal battle.

    Stump, Londondonate
    London clubs and events have been hit hard, rising costs, as well as the measures enforced on them, make it hard to succeed at the best of times. Top minimal night Stump is one such night that has is in need of your support.

    Village Underground, Londondonate
    Having closed at the very beginning of the pandemic London institution and Fuse favourite Village Underground is also amongst those worst affected.

    Club der Visionaere / Hoppetosse, Berlindonate
    Two of our favourite Berlin haunts were one of the first to launch crowdfunding campaigns and it is not even worth considering a world where either of these havens doesn’t exist.