The Mudd Show’s Easter weekender to take over Hoppetosse

The MUDD Show’s rescheduled Easter weekender goes down at Hoppetosse this weekend, it’s the project’s first physical event since October.

The event was originally planned for December 18th and 19th but couldn’t proceed due to increased Covid restrictions introduced in Germany in December, the lineup staying almost the same as the original, flights of patient ravers have been changed, hotels rebooked and now the eagerly awaited Easter extravaganza is almost upon us featuring some certain Trommel favs.

The lineup includes Vlada, Vera, KRN, DJ Tree, Ba Dum Tish founder Alec Falconer and more on the boat’s middle deck, a combination of vibes and different energies spread across the weekend. Joining the above is Phil Evans, eclectic London based DJ Kyle Toole, Spaced affiliate Tho, Abi, DJ Tree and several others. A versatile selection of artists on the bill from the Berlin based brand, once again providing a solid platform for artists to showcase their sound.

Things will run at a more relaxed tempo downstairs where Josh Tweek, Rubi and Markus Sommer will play amongst others. A moment of respite on the lower deck, absorbing the warm sound and slinky chill beats, a chance to catch some alternative bags from the heads involved.

The party will run from midnight on Saturday April 16th through to Monday morning, making this an extended Easter marathon not for the faint hearted.