Valencia’s Oven Club launches campaign to save venue from closure

It seems that hardly a few weeks have gone by that we are again telling the sad story of a club closure. The subterranean bunker venue Oven Club has become one of the most important venues of the Spanish region of Valencia. Like Spook, Barraca, and Chocolate before it Oven Club has become an integral part of the nightlife industry in Spain and its closure would be a massive blow.

This is why the club has launched a campaign to help provide much-needed funding. In the wake of COVID-19 and its systematic destruction of the worlds club scene Oven Club are no longer able to keep the fires burning and where artists such as tINI, Nacho Marco, Markus Sommer, and Philipp Boss once stood has now fallen silent.

After a while, these comments feel a tad clichéd, but the reality is that these venues have taken years of hard work to build up to this stage. The sad thing about losing such treasured venues is that there is not always a replacement waiting in the wings so the loss is felt even more so. Club owner David Pin has made the difficult decision to put the word out to his support and extended family members to help inject hope and cash into Oven Club.

This campaign is not only to help save the venue for the regular visitors but also for the people that have never been to the venue. One look inside and it is clear that it is indeed a special place that deserves to be saved.

If you would like to lend your support to help Save The Oven then you can do so via the Oven Club’s gofundme page.

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