The UK’s nightlife continues to unlock with the reopening of fabric

It is almost a year to the day that the world came to a grinding halt thanks to COVID-19. Since March 17th there has been many ups and downs in the nightlife industry across the globe, not just the UK. It might seem like a much longer period of time has passed but the light at the end of the tunnel is growing stronger by the day.

This exact date might not hold the same poignancy for other musical institutions but for London’s fabric they have not opened their doors since the last Saturday with the Picnic 8th birthday, March 14th. Many venues have been able to open in some way shape or form but not fabric. They only open their doors when they can welcome people in the only way that they can – full force. Having been lucky enough to be given a £1.5m grant during the height of the pandemic allowed them to maintain their brand

So, it is almost our pleasure to break the news to those that are not yet aware that the Farringdon club is on its way back. The dates that you need to put in your filo-fax are 25th-27th June and you better be ready. The line-up is TBC but the club will be running from Friday night until Saturday morning and then from Saturday night until Monday morning. The celebrated reopening will also feature a cast of UK-based and will undoubtedly break the seal of this pandemic nicely.

This 42-hour marathon will be the opening salvo in a wider program of events that will run until July. Fabric is clearly over the moon to announce they are reopening but in line with the tact being taken by the government they have follows suit. They have made it very clear that this open will only take place if the current situation maintains its current course. It might not be close to their birthday shenanigans but its most definitely good to have the old girl back.

Tickets will go on sale at 5pm via RA.

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