Fabric has received a grant in the recent round of Culture Recovery Grant program.

Since having previously reported on the first two rounds of funding there has been a large amount of backlash from notable cultural contributors in the nightlife sector as there has been little to no information been made available as to why they were not successful. After the first 2 rounds of funding grants from Arts Council England side stepped large swathes of the UK’s music industry London institution fabric have confirmed that they have been the recipients of a sizeable cash injection.

In the latest funding announcements fabric has confirmed that they have been granted £1,514,262 and they have pledged to use the money to ensure the future of the long-running institution and its staff. Fabric will also be using the funds to develop and produce live stream series, expert-led tutorials, and community outreach programs that celebrating under-represented groups in the community.

While the news of the sizeable grant has been celebrated by all corners of the music community there are still huge amounts of worthy contenders for funding from the proposed £500 million pot. The only question remains is who will receive the remaining £92 million?

For a full breakdown of all funding to date click here.