The latest updates from European governments on the return of live events

There has obviously been a lot of discussion surrounding whether large scale (and small) events should go ahead in the current climate. This is something that has been heard by some of Europe’s leading clubbing nations.

Firstly Spain advised that they would only be welcoming tourists once 70% of the country were immunised. In the process, this casts a shadow on sun-kissed clubbing across its mainland and outlying islands in 2021 but does not write it off. Next came Germany where the Clubbing Commission had forecasted that German nightlife would not return until late 2022. For a country that is renowned for its attitude towards clubbing and music in general this is a serious statement and one that should not be underestimated.

Most recently came the somewhat surprising announcement from the Dutch authorities who have hinted that festivals may well go ahead this summer. In light of this major festivals such as Awakenings, DGTL, Paradigm, Dekmantel, and countless other Dutch gatherings have begun announcing artists with dates already being on the table. This may sound a tad optimistic but this train of thought is backed by the fact that Dutch authorities have announced that they will be making available a 300million euro pot for the cancellation of events taking place after July 1st that attract over 3,000 people. It remains to be seen if this will mean an anticipated return of ADE, but we can remain hopeful.

This fund is to ensure that should large-scale gatherings be deemed not suitable then organisers will be covered. This is an approach that has also been echoed by Germany who previously announced a massive €2.5billion cancellation fund for events just for the latter part of the year. A country that yet again pushes forward in new and exciting directions is Norway. The Nordic state has confirmed it will reserve NOK 350 million (£34million) to help with cancelled events during 2021. With vaccine programs currently building momentum, there is a glimmer of hope that we will again be able to enjoy amplified music together this year we just need to work towards this with a clear head. Much of the world is still in the throws of the COVID-19 pandemic with the UK being one of the worst-hit and poorly managed but they seem to be getting back on track with their vaccine program.

Let’s just hope it will not be a case of too little too soon which has been an all too familiar story of late.