Real Gang do their bit for mental health with their ‘Save Our People’ campaign

Miller and Nicolau and their band of Real Gang-ers have always prided themselves on the strength of their talented crew and how they pull together to reach a common goal. During these torrid times keeping connected and strong together is more important than ever. Real Gang has gone one step further by lending a helping hand to charity Samaritans via their ‘Save Our People’ campaign.

In order to raise awareness for mental health and in the process, raise funds for Samaritans the mental health-conscious Real Gang team has produced a range of tees (11 designs in total) where 100% of all profits will go directly to this hardworking and important charity. The premise of the project is a straightforward one, but as the topic until recently was deemed taboo and met with hushed discussion or as is often the case none at all.

Their four-step plan begins with the purchase of one of their lovingly designed tees closely followed by checking in on the people in your life. While your loved ones may seem close these difficult times have pushed people to their limits and they need to know that you are there for them and you have the time to listen. The final and perhaps the most important step from Real Gang is to take some time to give love back to yourself.

The growing discussion of mental health is an important one and while times are tough it is important to remember you are not alone. The wonderful world of electronic music was always designed to be fully inclusive and our mutual love of music will always connect us. The ‘Save Our People’ project from Real Gang is a prime example of going beyond the music to reach out to the people that make our scene so magical.

If you ever need to speak to somebody, regardless of the day or time you can call Samaritans on 116 123.

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